The Founders

Amber and Deandre spent more than ten years caught up in the streets of the Ville. In and out of penitentiary, these two individuals abused drugs, experienced long bouts of homelessness, and engaged in illegal activities to fuel their self-destructive habits. Several years back, Amber and Deandre had separate yet similar realizations that they were taking more from their neighborhood than they were giving. From these realizations sprouted the Center. The Center is now positioned one block over from Newstead Avenue, the same street that Amber frequented and Deandre grew up on. This story holds all of the evidence for why our organization is well positioned to fight for restorative justice. There are few directors of nonprofits that understand the thoughts and needs of drug addicts, prostitutes, and formerly incarcerated individuals like Amber and Deandre.

Deandre Harris-Bey: Co-Director

Deandre Harris-Bey is the visionary and overseer of the Restorative Justice Movement. As a co-occurring specialist, Deandre employs his knowledge of mental health and addiction to assist individuals who have suffered severe trauma. When he’s not committing himself to his work or the nonprofit, Deandre enjoys relaxing with his family and watching movies, sports, and old reruns of Sanford and Sons.

Amber Harris: Co-Director

Amber Harris is in charge of the Center’s community outreach, fundraising, and promotional efforts. Amber is a Medical Technician for a geriatric facility and is studying to become a Registered Nurse. Outside of the Center, her work, and her studies, Amber enjoys spending time with her family, interacting with community members, and reading. Amber’s two favorite books are ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama.

Amber and Deandre are well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to make an impact in the Ville. They know the faces of their community and the problems that their community face.

– Noah Offenkrantz

Committed to the Cause

Amber and Deandre have been actively devoted to social issues for the past 10 years.

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