Where there are plants, there is peace.

If, through water and sunlight, a seed can become a thriving plant, then through love and patience, a battered soul can be healed. This mantra is the governing principle for our community garden, a space where the inter generational exchange of knowledge nourishes both plants and souls.


We believe that any project or program that enhances the ability of people to take control of their own lives and bond over a collective mission is worth striving to accomplish. Our garden, sponsored by Gateway Greening, achieves both of these objectives via multiple routes.

  1. The garden provides the individual with sovereignty from the market. No longer will they be reliant on under-stocked grocery stores and fast food restaurants to obtain their nourishment. Rather, they will eat the literal fruits of their labor.
  2. The garden promotes more healthy lifestyle choices and fosters a greater compassion for the environment. These positive developments will help to encourage sentiments of sustainability that are passed down through generations.
  3. The garden stimulates positive community engagement and provides a forum through which individuals can unite.

Get Involved

Volunteer: If you would like to contribute your time and effort to the maintenance of our garden, please visit our “contact” page. We will try our best to accommodate your group regardless of group size or affiliation!

Our delicious salad consisting of fresh kale, tomatoes, oranges, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, and almonds (all topped with a vinaigrette dressing).
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