The Restorative Justice Movement (RJM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community center located at 2707 North Taylor, Saint Louis, MO 63113. Founded on the principles of equality and justice, we strive to better our community by spreading resources to impoverished populations, planting hope in the lives of recovering addicts, and adapting to the immediate needs of our clients – the people of North St. Louis.


We aim to foster an atmosphere conducive to growth and recovery by hosting recovery support groups and sober community gatherings. RJM also works to enhance the lives of its community members by distributing physical resources and organizing community beautification projects.

Recovery Support Groups

We are an organization of action, and our goal is to connect people to the resources they need. To that end, we hold daily recovery support groups that emphasize a 12-step path to recovery. We cultivate this supportive space so that recovering addicts can find motivation in the collective nature of their battle.

Sober Community Gatherings

To stimulate the spirit of motivation and engagement, we host substance-free community building events. For instance, we recently held our very own RJM prom for the members of our community who had never experienced this (whimsical yet) significant rite of passage. We try to capitalize on the ability of substance-free community building events to divert people’s attention from drugs, violence, and their daily hassles. Thus, we sponsor communal feasts and gift give-a-ways to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.

Resource Distribution Drives

RJM conducts several donation drives each year to collect clothes and school supplies so that no person spends his winter in rags and no child is deprived of a chance to realize their calling. For those unable to find transportation to the Center, RJM also hits the streets, dispersing vital resources to the local population.

Our Home

The Ville is a historically African American neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage.


RJM maintains a clean and serene environment where people can go to engage with an atmosphere of recovery.

Jeffrey C.

The Restorative Justice Movement is the glue that binds the Ville .  

Jessica S.

The Center opens its doors not only to addicts but to the community in its entirety.

Will E.

We are the community’s nucleus.

Join the movement.

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