Bursting the Bubble

Wash U. Bubble: Noun

Definition: An imaginary boundary that surrounds Washington University’s campus and encompasses the southern end of the Delmar Loop. 

Jessica Salzman with Deandre Harris Bey, the Center’s Founder, and “Cooley,” a member of the RJM team.

      The bubble limits student exposure to the greater STL community, and inhibits their ability to become more socially and culturally aware citizens. Every day, I hear my peers complain about the bubble, bored with its offerings and repetitious nature. However, very scarcely do I see people bursting it.

      This summer, I began volunteering with the Restorative Justice Movement (RJM). RJM is a non-profit located in the Ville neighborhood, a mere ten-minute car-ride beyond the confines of WUSTL’s seemingly impenetrable boundaries. RJM seeks to heal communities that are wounded by violence, addiction, and trauma. The community center facilitates regular food and clothing drives that cater to the Ville’s homeless population and low-income families. The RJM offers free meals and festivities during significant holidays and hosts recovery support groups, daily. While I just mentioned some of the Restorative Justice Movement’s contributions to the community, its outreach extends far beyond the affairs previously stated. 

      This fall, RJM is hosting an event for everyone from inside and outside of its bubble to enjoy. During the fair, local non-profits from all-over STL are offered a space to congregate and share their resources. While the festival will provide a plethora of snacks and games, it’s going to be so much more significant than your typical “fair.” It’s going to be a celebration of community collaboration and love within an area plagued by tragedy.

We hope that you will join us on October 26th from 10 AM-4 PM, either as a volunteer or as a visitor, at 2707 North Taylor Avenue.

Please email jsalzman@wustl.edu with your name and availability by Thursday, October 25th, and if you are interested in extending a hand. Check us out. Learn what we’re about. Burst the bubble.

2 thoughts on “Bursting the Bubble

  1. How did COVID affect this activity and other activity of rjm? The website mentions closing for a week in March but does not address what is happening now.


    1. We stayed open under state required 25 people maximum capacity.


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