RJM initiates the healing process for individuals wounded by systemic injustice.

NOTICE: Restorative Justice Movement’s website is under construction. Please visit our “Contact” page and reach out to our staff directly for the most up-to-date information about us. Thank you for your interest and support.

Upcoming Events

For each upcoming event, RJM asks all of its visitors to wear masks and remain socially distant. This requirement is to ensure the health and safety of our staff and community.

Who do we affect?

Individuals and families of the Ville community, specifically those who have been affected by drug abuse, trauma, crime, and systemic marginalization.

What is our Guiding Mindset?

At RJM, we understand that crime, trauma, and mental health diseases are the symptoms of more complex and systemic issues. Though we aim to temper these symptoms, our goal is to address the root causes. More specifically, we help people help themselves by providing them with the physical, social, and educational tools needed to build productive self-sustaining outcomes. To identify the tools that best promote individual empowerment, we are constantly attempting to answer the question “what causes people to act out in criminal behaviors?”

How do we actualize this mindset?

We work to empower the individual, unify the family, and restore the community by nurturing a non-judgmental atmosphere, hosting self-help groups and seminars, and distributing educational and tangible tools.

Our Purpose


According to the U.S. department of Justice, 64% of local jail inmates, 56% of state prisoners and 45% of federal prisoners have symptoms of serious mental illness.

A 2010 CASA report finds that 65% of incarcerated individuals show substance abuse addiction.

The National Survey of American Life indicates that trauma exposure and trauma-associated psychopathology are associated with increased likelihood of arrest and incarceration among adult-age, black Americans.


We acknowledge that a public health crisis exists in our neighborhood and implement developmental techniques to address the various areas of crisis.

We take a holistic approach to addressing addiction and violence because we understand the complex interplay between drug abuse and incarceration.

We strengthen familial and communal units, reinforce positive habits, and instill cultural pride to push back against systemic marginalization and promote equality.

We offer various educational and employment opportunities to individuals overlooked by companies due to their past criminal record.

We are the community.

The community is us.

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